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27 June 2011 @ 17:07
Lately I've found myself looking at a few 'nation's favourite book' lists in an attempt to increase the size of my to read pile. (Trust me, this does not need doing.) Now, I'm fine with these in principle but I do wonder if they're slightly skewed by people naming books they didn't read or enjoy just because it makes them look better.

So, I thought I'd run my own 'favourite book poll' in order to make a list of people's favourite books in my little corner of cyberspace (and get some recs at the same time.) I hope people will participate and spread it around a little as I'd like to get as varied a list as possible.

First, before I can create a list I need the books that will form it. Here's where you come in. I want you to leave a comment listing your ten favourite books in order. (Comments will be screened. Please be honest.) Just give me the title and author - if you want to add a comment on why you like the book it would be very welcome.


1) Books must be fiction. (Sorry, I know there's a lot of good non fiction out there but I just want fiction for now.)
2) A series can be listed as a single entry if individual volumes cannot easily stand alone. (This goes for The Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Millennium Trilogy) If the book can stand alone (The Discworld books for example) then you CANNOT list it as a single entry. You decide for yourself whether a book can stand alone or not. If I've not heard of it I'll probably agree.

I'll stop accepting new entires on Friday. Then, over the weekend I will bring all the results together and try to work out an order. This will be done by scoring each book based on how many people listed it and where it was ranked. Points will be as follows:

1. 10 points
2. 9 points
3. 8 points
4. 7 points
5. 6 points
6. 5 points
7. 4 points
8. 3 points
9. 2 points
10. 1 point

Therefore a book being ranked first by one person will score the same as a book ranked tenth by ten.

I'm expecting ties. In this case I'll put it to a poll in which everyone will vote on the tied books for their favourite until I have an order.

I hope that explains everything - ask any questions in the comments and I'll provide answers.

For now, please leave me your top ten lists. :)

I hope you'll participate - please feel free to link friends to it if you think they'll be interested.
04 April 2009 @ 09:06
01. #7 - dominos 02. # 10 - hide and seek 03. #11 - marbles
04. # 12 - mikado (pick up sticks) 05. # 23 - kite 06. # 27 - jigsaw puzzle
07. BONUS PROMPT! # 31 - scrabble
15 November 2008 @ 18:22
I saw this on amato's journal and I thought I would give it a try. :) It's a countdown to Christmas, pick a prompt from the list and give me a pairing (or specify general fandom) and I will write a fic for you. Fics will hopefully be between 500 and 1000 words long.

My fandoms:Collapse )

01. Tree02. Ribbon03. Church04. Candy Cane05. Red
06. Wreath07. Parties08. Angel09. Homeless10. Candle
11. Morning12. Dickens13. Nutcracker14. Shopping15. Snow
16. Poinsettia17. Egg Nog18. Greeting Cards19. Music20. Elves
21. Memories22. Cranberries23. Santa24. Mistletoe25. Presents

Taken PromptsCollapse )
09 July 2005 @ 21:46

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